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Our ambition is to assist our potential clients to plan the Funeral Service that they seek in a way that is affordable.

To achieve this we will visit our potential client at home and outline a range of Funeral Plans that can be adjusted to meet special requirements.

We will then submit the application to the Funeral Plan provider and ensure that the acceptance process is quickly and efficiently conducted and that all of the details are correct.

Finally, we will be available to help our clients make any adjustments to the plan in the future.

In order to provide a truly comprehensive service and give our clients the opportunity of making an informed decision about their plans, we have selected the Funeral Plans of three of the best known and successful providers in the UK. In alphabetical order they are:


Each have long experience and have developed a high degree of excellence in the provision of Pre-Paid and Planned Funerals.

We do not favour any one of these providers, rather we will indicate the benefits of selecting the most appropriate for the requirements of our client, Oratu – by request.

We are often asked for advice about wills, investments, probate, appropriate homes and other services for the older generation for the older generation. For help from our panel of Solicitors and Financial Advisers please click on Essential Links where you can access the website of your choice.