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Empathy in Funeral Planning


The Oratu Consultancy are independent Funeral Plan Consultants based in Bournemouth, servicing Dorset and the adjacent counties such as Somerset, Devon, Wiltshire and Hampshire.  Our team, led by Barrie Smith, are focussed on providing empathy in Funeral Planning and it is no coincidence that our Latin Name Oratu means ‘By Request’.

We endeavour to fulfil your requests at all times – our only business activity is planning funerals.

 Our ambition is to assist our potential clients to plan the Funeral Service that they seek in a way that is affordable. To achieve this we will visit our potential client at home and outline a range of Funeral Plans that can be adjusted to meet special requirements.

In order to provide a truly comprehensive service and give our clients the opportunity of making an informed decision about their plans we have selected the Funeral Plans of three of the best known and successful providers in the UK. Each have long experience and have developed a high degree of excellence in the provision of Pre-Paid and Planned Funerals. We do not favour any one of these providers, rather we will indicate the benefits of selecting the most appropriate for the requirements of our client, Oratu – by request.

What a Funeral Plan does

A Funeral Plan allows you to choose and pre-pay the type of Funeral you require.

It provides protection from rising funeral costs and relieves loved ones from the emotional worry and stress of making some of the arrangements at a time of grieving.

A Funeral Plan provides peace of mind for you and your family.It alleviates the possibility of an inappropriate Funeral and ensures the wishes of a loved one are known, understood and achieved.

It relieves the loved ones of the anxiety of not knowing what your wishes are.

Selecting a Funeral Plan

By using our services you will receive individual attention. We meet with you in your own home to understand your requirements and together identify the most appropriate plan for your circumstances.

We are able to offer funeral plans from some of the most trusted and experienced providers all of whom are members of the Funeral Planning Authority.

When the appropriate plan has been selected, we will ensure that every aspect of the plan has been discussed and explained.

We will then submit the plan to the appropriate provider and ensure the process is completed effectively.

At all times we are happy to engage with members of the family and other parties, subject to the wishes of our client.

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